Immersive Travel by Trisha Velarmino

Every Destination Opens #AWorldToSee #MadeWithMac

After the highly successful 3-Part #ShotoniPhone Campaign featuring the big things the tiny iPhone camera can do, we are now embarking on a new journey with #MadewithMac, another 3-Part Campaign by Power Mac Center highlighting the extraordinary potential of our Mac devices.


Starting off with – A World to See.


We hit the road to explore the places and faces that tell a unique story to capture their fascinating culture and experience. We partnered with well-known travel vloggers who have shared tips on getting the most out of your life – one destination at a time. We organized workshops that are not only for aspiring travel bloggers but also for everyone who wants to make more out of their travels and their Mac devices.


First stop on this summer road trip – TriNoma with Trisha Velarmino of P.S. I’m On My Way.


Immersive Travel by Trisha Velarmino


The afternoon of April 15th, Trisha gave a very interesting workshop on immersive traveling and the art of traveling long-term.


She taught the participants how to not only travel for the beautiful sights but also for the full experience of culture and immerse themselves with the people and how they live.


Choosing your next destination, exploring more options on accommodations, visas, flights, and finding your advocacy while traveling are just some of the many subjects she talked about. It was very inspiring to follow in her footsteps and see the world of traveling beyond the tourist spots and Instagram shots.


During the workshop, we also served a delicacy from Romblon – their peanut butter that we partnered with crackers, to inspire the participants to explore more of the hidden gems in our country.



Romblon is one of our archipelagic provinces located in the Mimaropa region, watch this video made by Access Travel to see more of its magnificent islands and clear blue water.



A week after, we went on to our next stop – Greenbelt 3 with Kyle Jennerman of Becoming Filipino.


Exploring the Philippines by Kyle Jennerman


Kyle Jennerman is a Canadian who decided to fully explore the Philippines, and because he believes that it is the people that make a place beautiful, he wanted to really embrace being Filipino.




The way he explores his destinations in our country is by renting a motorcycle and then he just goes around on his own, approaching the locals to get to know the place more and to naturally experience how the locals live so he can adapt and share memories with them. He is taking on the Philippines region by region, he’s been to so many places and one of his favorites is, of course, the picturesque islands of Palawan.


Seeing the Philippines from a foreigner’s point of view is always refreshing because we often overlook the real beauty of our country.  We can see how he opened the participants’ eyes to how beautiful our country and its people can be.


Attendees of Made in Mac Event

Foods in Made with Mac


For this session, we served Peanut Balls – a delicacy from Siquijor, another gorgeous island in the Visayas Region. Watch this video made again by Access Travel to see more of Siquijor.



For the third and final leg of this road trip, we went to Festival Mall Alabang with Angely Dub, the owner of Access Travel, to speak about owning a business that is travel-centered.


Business of Travel by Angely Dub


Angely Dub is the owner of Access Travel and Tours, a well-known travel agency that connects people to many destinations around the globe.


Speaker for Made in Mac 

For her session, she spoke about traveling for business and how you don’t have to quit your job just to travel. It’s all about setting goals, envisioning the long term, and truly getting to know yourself.


She believes that in the end, you have to choose what you’re passionate about, work on your weaknesses and use your strengths. Their career is very important which is why she is very lucky that she gets to travel to continue her career.


For this, we served another local delicacy – this time from Catanduanes Island, their sweet Suman sa Ibos dipped in chocolate sauce or sugar.




Get to know more about Catanduanes and Angely Dub’s business by watching this video:



After the road trip with these three professional travelers, it is very clear that they are all passionate about what they do; and to help make their visions into reality, they use Mac devices to easily produce great content that they can proudly share with us and to the world. 


Not only did the participants get to learn from these industry experts, but some of them also got to take home a GoPro HERO6 Black to take on their next travel adventures.


Made With Mac


Now, onto the next exciting journey with Finding Paradise #MadewithMac – Click to learn more!

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