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Device Enrollment Program

For Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) provides a fast and streamlined way to deploy your organization-owned Mac or iOS devices purchased through Power Mac Center.

So far, yet so near.

Through the following program features, securely onboard users from your organization without touching their devices.

Device Configuration

Mandatory and lockable MDM enrollment

Automatically ensure deployed devices are configured based on your organization’s scope and limitations. Guarantee that all users receive those configurations immediately upon activation, including non-removable MDM.

Automated Deployment

Zero-touch deployment

Experience seamless large-scale deployments for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV with automated device enrollment.

Wireless Security

Wireless Supervision

Security has never been made easier. With DEP, supervision is wirelessly enabled on a device as part of the setup process.

Streamlined App Distribution

App Management

Make applications automatically available in the hands of your users. Purchase apps, and custom apps in bulk, including apps you develop internally. Easily transfer app licenses between locations and share licenses between purchasers within the same location.

Mobile Device Management

No MDM? No problem.

Power Mac Center and its partner resellers support different MDM brands.