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Basecamp stands for Boosting Aptitudes and Strengthening Expertise. We are the official training arm of Power Mac Center and we conduct on-site and online quality trainings and services to equip our customers with technical and creative skills that will allow them to maximize their Apple devices and unleash their professional and creative expertise.

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macOS Fundamentals 9
Technical Troubleshooting 10
Apple Device Support 16-18
Apple Deployment and Management 16-17
iOS/iPadOS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting 30
Mac and Windows Integration Basics 31
Pages, Numbers and Keynote 23-26
App Development with Swift 22-26
Final Cut Pro X 16-18
macOS Fundamentals 6
Technical Troubleshooting 7
Apple Device Support 13-15
Apple Deployment and Management 13-14
iOS/iPadOS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting 21
Mac and Windows Integration Basics 22
Pages, Numbers and Keynote 27-29
App Development with Swift 26-30
Final Cut Pro X 27-29
macOS Fundamentals 3
Technical Troubleshooting 4
Apple Device Support 10-12
Apple Deployment and Management 10-11
iOS/iPadOS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting 17
Mac and Windows Integration Basics 18
Pages, Numbers and Keynote 24-26
App Development with Swift 23-27
Final Cut Pro X 24-26


Choose from a wide range of creative and technical courses conducted by Apple Certified Trainers. Certification exams are also available to help individuals get Apple certification titles.

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