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  • Breaking a Sweat with Apple Watch Fitness Tracking

    Being able to monitor your fitness goals is just one of the many awesome features of the Apple Watch. When it comes to tracking fitness using the device though, there’s quite a bit to learn: how to view metrics, how to customize…

  • Three Reasons Why It’s a Must to Buy Only Authentic Goods

    Let’s say that you’ve been saving up to buy that one thing you’ve been eyeing to reward yourself with for so long. That particular product costs quite a bit of money, but then you found an online seller that offers the same thing – except...

  • Apple Watch Uncovered: 11 Cool Features

    Imagine going to work, the gym, school, or anywhere else without a phone and still getting virtually and socially connected. Although nothing seems out of reach in this time and age when it comes to technology, you’re probably thinking...