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Three Reasons Why It’s a Must to Buy Only Authentic Goods

Three Reasons Why It’s a Must to Buy Only Authentic Goods

Let’s say that you’ve been saving up to buy that one thing you’ve been eyeing to reward yourself with for so long. That particular product costs quite a bit of money, but then you found an online seller that offers the same thing – except it’s not from an authorized vendor. Would you sacrifice a few hundred or thousand pesos in exchange for quality? If your answer is no, good thinking. If your answer is yes, let us convince you why quality comes with a price. Here are three reasons why you must put your cash into authentic goods.


Product design–no matter how simple or complex– requires creativity. When you buy counterfeit or inauthentic items, it’s somehow a disrespect to the minds and hands that worked on the original design. It’s like having a copycat. Imagine making something that you’re proud of, only to learn that someone duplicated your original idea and got the credit instead of you.

Buying from legitimate vendors not only assures you of product genuineness, it also helps promote a safe space for creators like artists, musicians, crafters, and the like.


With genuineness comes assured durability. Keep in mind that when products are released to the market, it means that they have passed a series of tests and quality assurance to make sure they work properly, and they’re ready for wear and tear. A smartphone, for example, undergoes a series of tests like drop test, button test, scratch test, and more, in a manufacturing laboratory. When you buy authentic goods from authorized sellers or resellers, you’re not compromising your peace of mind and not putting your hard-earned money to waste.

Of course, there are still those that have passed durability tests but still show defects along the way. But since you bought an original item from a legitimate store, it’s nothing to worry about. This brings us to our next reason.


A warranty is like a pledge of security from brands and a seal of confidence in their products. It’s also a consumer right as it allows customers to require sellers to repair defective items free of charge or replace them with new ones. This gives you the assurance that whenever you buy an item with fixable damages, the brand or authorized reseller will be more than willing to do the repair.

Warranty agreements usually range from six months to a year from the date of your purchase and often come with specific conditions. Nonetheless, it’s a security blanket and a guarantee you won’t get from unauthorized vendors.

Get your Apple needs from your trusted Authorized Apple Reseller for 27 years

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With customer satisfaction at the core of what we do at Power Mac Center, it’s essential for us to deliver our patrons with only the best quality that comes with authenticity. Power Mac Center is recognized by Apple as an Authorized Apple Reseller – the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Since 1994, Power Mac Center has been the bridge between original, high-quality Apple devices from Cupertino in California and Filipinos all over the Philippines. So, if you need a new iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, or AirPods, or if your Apple devices need checking, you know where to go.

As your trusted Authorized Apple Reseller in the Philippines, Power Mac Center currently has 56 Power Mac Center stores nationwide, plus 13 Mobile Care Service Centers classified as Apple Authorized Service Providers.

You can also get your next Apple upgrade through our official online channels: Web Store, Viber Store, as well as on The Loop by Power Mac Center on Lazada and Shopee. Follow Power Mac Center on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for your daily dose of updates on deals and discounts.

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