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Breaking Barriers: Apple Products Empowering the Women of Power Mac Center

To say that it’s challenging to earn a place in the world as a woman is an understatement. Thankfully, the continuing digital revolution makes it easier for women to challenge gender roles and gender-biased concepts. Although still a male-dominated industry, technology opened doors to showcase women's diverse talents and potential. It has become a vital support in entering various careers and achieving then-impossible goals.

Case in point: Apple. Through its technology, Apple has become a champion of women’s health. But it also goes beyond the bounds of health and lifestyle. It gears its technology in creating safe spaces where women of all sizes, shapes, colors, hailing from all walks of life, belong. Aside from an inclusive workforce with inclusive practices, it also creates engaging activities that encourage women to embrace their creativity. Its innovative products with advanced features and integrated apps also support women by making daily needs and tasks convenient and easily manageable.


Apple Women's Health Study on iPhone


Paving the Path for Trailblazers


At Power Mac Center, four women are breaking down stereotypes and changing the norm in the retail industry. They are making waves by showing that women can be leaders, trendsetters, and game-changers, especially when equipped with the right tools and technology like Apple devices.


Aileen Chua, Finance Director


Among all Apple products, the iPhone is her best-loved device. "iPhone has become an essential tool for me in both my professional and personal life. I love its user-friendly interface, wide range of apps, strong security, and seamless integration with my other Apple devices."

When asked how Apple devices help women be heard and seen, she gives this insightful answer: "Apple devices, in general, give you the tool and resources to become empowered in all aspects of life. It allows you to work efficiently, creatively, flexibly, and most importantly, securely."


Maan Parafina, E-Commerce Manager


Maan is a dedicated leader who swears by MacBook and iPad mini as her all-around productivity partners.

"I can do so much in less time without lags, glitches, and completely frozen screens! On the other hand, my iPad mini is like the smaller version of my MacBook that extends my productivity when I'm on the go. It's one of my favorites because I'm an avid note-taker, and I scribble a lot on my journal—and I can do all this and more with my iPad," she says.

For her, Apple devices uplift women by allowing them to accomplish many things within the limited time allotted for work. "This is especially helpful for women who, typically, need to juggle several responsibilities." She cites Apple Watch's features, such as ovulation and cycle tracker, as women's health needs are gradually being considered in tech. She notes, "When the tech world acknowledges your needs and makes things easier for you, that's empowering."


Niña Carmina Rodriguez, Business Development Manager


Niña Rodriguez travels to work but she also loves to travel for leisure. Her iPhone 13 and AirPods Pro (2nd gen) help her most when she's out and about. "My Apple devices enable me to stay connected wherever and whenever."

She gives a thoughtful response about how Apple devices empower women: "Empowerment is a compelling principle for women in all walks of life. Women can use Apple devices to connect, communicate and collaborate in all their tasks, passions, and undertakings."

She adds that Apple devices help in a lot of areas of life, like health and fitness, socials and communities, finances, learnings, and so many others.


Louella Labutong, Manager, Basecamp


Louella likes her iPhone for its cameras, display quality, security, and durability—features that make it great and reliable in her field of work.

For her, Apple devices always offer new and exciting ways for women to see the possibilities that technology can do to inspire them and make a difference. She feels limitless when using these devices because, as she says, "It allows me to automate processes, communicate faster and collaborate better."


Changing the Game With Apple


Apple recognizes that women can be who they want to be. It shows its support through various efforts across its products and services. It brings curated content that shares women's achievements and reinforces their voices through Apple podcasts, music, books, and more. Recently, it also released new animated stickers on Apple Watch for its International Women's Day Activity Challenge.


Cycle Tracking and Temperature Sensing in Apple Watch and iPhone Health App


With Apple devices giving women platforms and tools to create, communicate, collaborate, and put themselves out there, they become game-changers in the workplace. And they don't stop there.

Powerful women are formidable not because they are in the workplace. They can do more wherever they are. As Parafina says with conviction, "An empowered woman is someone who doesn't choose between having a family and a career. She does both."

Rodriguez also shares, "I would often hear this figure of speech: Jack of all trades, master of none. Simply put, it refers to a person who has dabbled in many skills rather than focusing on one area of expertise... "

"I would often hear this figure of speech with a negative connotation. But who says anyone, particularly a woman, cannot choose many or all these paths: mother, leader, professional, entrepreneur, artist, change-maker, and so many others?” she adds.


Breaking Down Barriers


Although the fight for women's rights and representation has already come a long way, many barriers that hinder women from being more are still ever-present. The gender pay gap, gender divide, stereotyping, and gender bias are challenges that women in Asia and other developing countries face to this day.


Women Write History on Apple Books


Even the strong women of PMC, who are now shining in their own right, admit to having a fair share of struggles to become who they are now. Rodriguez has a story to share about the challenge she faced while looking for a job and how she overcame it.

"Many years ago, I was interviewed for a position in a real estate development company. During the interview, I disclosed to the interviewer that I am planning to pursue my postgraduate education. She informed me that it was not something that they encourage their employees to do because it might potentially affect their performance. I finished the interview, politely declined the next, and simply walked away with a renewed sense of determination. I told myself I am capable of producing excellent work and pursuing self-improvement at the same time."

"A few weeks later, I found myself in another interview. This time, my plan for further education was met with enthusiasm and support. Fast forward to today, four years later, I have completed my postgraduate education (MBA - AGSB). It wouldn't have been possible without my entire Power Mac Center community, who has supported me since day one of my journey."

Amid the struggles these PMC women face, they found ways of effectively dealing with them, like utilizing technology to their advantage.


Apple Women Inclusivity and Empowerment in the Workplace Statistics


Question: Do you think technology and technological devices, in general, help women conquer the barriers that hold them back from doing or being more?


Chua: Yes. Technology can help conquer barriers both physical and social by giving us access to resources, tools, and opportunities to become empowered women.


Rodriguez: A resounding YES!


In the heart of the technology is the thrust to MAKE THE LIVES of everyone, men and women alike - BETTER.


It is about enabling women with products, services, and experiences to achieve their personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and civic aspirations.Technology is a tool that we all can use, mold, and yield to create positive change—for ourselves, others, and our entire community.


Labutong: Definitely, yes! Exploring other avenues to help you achieve your goals is a good idea. These devices are efficient in accomplishing goals and make you more productive.


Parafina: Totally. Especially in my profession, everything's done using tech. So being supported by top-notch technology helps me not only in accomplishing more but also coming up with more creative ways of solving problems.


Becoming More


Women, like everybody else, will have crosses to bear in their journey to becoming the person they want to be. Everyone can achieve great things and do small things great if they can stay true to who they are while maximizing the tools and knowledge that they can get around them.

As parting words, here are wise thoughts to ponder on from the women making a difference:


Labutong: An empowered woman knows what she wants and doesn't stop working to achieve her goals. To succeed as a woman, setting clear goals is a crucial first step. You need to be informed and educated and gather all the necessary ingredients to help you achieve your goals.


Develop a voice, stand up to failures, and celebrate your every win. This way, you can also help and inspire other women.


Rodriguez: My definition of success as a woman is never having to put my life on pause for anything or anyone. It is being present for the things that genuinely matter - my time with God, enjoying the company of family and friends, quiet evenings, and uneventful weekends. It is working excellently and passionately, fully embracing the challenges, overcoming hardships, and never letting go of my purpose.


Parafina: I think success is subjective. If a woman's ambition is to have 7 kids by age 40, and she does just that - then, for me, that's success. Another woman might also dream of becoming a top executive at 35 before getting married, and that's also being successful.


Chua: Success for me is being able to achieve a healthy balance between work and other areas of life such as spirituality, family, friends, doing hobbies, and having personal growth. That's why you have to know your worth, recognize your skills, talents, and value as an individual, and believe in yourself.


Career success is not an easy goal, but with a positive attitude and perseverance, you can dance along the way. After all, an empowered woman is someone who has the knowledge and confidence to make decisions that will positively influence the people around her.


Parafina: An empowered woman is not someone who breaks glass ceilings because she has to - but because she can. Period.


Do More with Apple Devices


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