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You Make a World of Difference with Apple PRODUCT(RED)

They say red is the color of love. For (RED), a social movement seeking to fight AIDS, it’s the color of emergency. But with you, it can be both. Show love and help victims of epidemics through the use of PRODUCT(RED)-branded Apple devices and accessories.


What is Apple PRODUCT(RED)?


Although red is one of the standard colors in the iPhone lineup and other Apple accessories, it’s more than just a variant. The red color in Apple products actually means saving lives. No, this is not an exaggeration.


When you buy red-branded Apple products, a portion of the sales goes to Global Funds. It is a partnership between private and public sectors that fight against AIDS and COVID-19. For the past 16 years since Apple’s decision to join the (RED) movement, it has contributed more than a quarter of a billion dollars to provide life-saving treatments and support its grassroots programs. Imagine how many lives such an amount has helped and how you’ve helped make a difference in someone’s world!


• (RED)


(RED) is a New York-based organization founded by social activists Bobby Shriver and Paul David Hewson, U2’s lead singer and commonly known by his stage name Bono. It is a division of ONE Campaign, a global movement seeking to end preventable diseases and poverty. Originally, its primary goal was to target AIDS and fight the injustices that allow preventable diseases to thrive. Now, it includes putting a stop to pandemics in its fight. It partners with iconic brands through products made under its licensing brand—PRODUCT(RED), to combat HIV(AIDS) and COVID-19.


(RED) Statistics for Apple's Contribution Against AIDS


• The Global Fund


Championing global health, the Global Fund is a worldwide movement that focuses on fighting the deadliest infectious diseases and the many factors that enable them to continue. Every year, the organization raises and invests $4 billion to defeat HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and COVID-19 in 100 countries.


How exactly does Apple work with these organizations?


When you buy a red-branded product from Apple, the (RED) movement receives part of the sales, much like a charity would when you donate. (RED) gathers funds through consumerism. With your purchase, (RED) contributes to the Global Fund, which the organization uses to bankroll programs and invest in treatments that target infectious diseases on a global scale. Specifically, the Global Fund dedicates Apple’s donation through (RED) to the treatment and support of rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa.


Additionally, through Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV app, Apple educates users of the global fight against AIDS. These apps feature personal accounts of those whose lives have been impacted by the programs of the two organizations that Apple supports.


Apple Podcasts featuring AIDS Documentary


Meet the Apple PRODUCT(RED) Devices that Save Lives


They say love makes the world go round. They’re not wrong. By choosing Apple PRODUCT(RED) devices, you’re sending love to people deprived of it. Your choice can touch the lives of those in almost unreachable places, fighting some of the hardest and seemingly hopeless battles in life.


If you wish to be an advocate for love and change, here is a list of red Apple Products and accessories you may want to consider the next time you go shopping:





Apple Watch



Apple Watch PRODUCT(RED) with a World Time (RED) Watch Face and PRODUCT(RED) Watch band


You can also download a (RED) Apple Watch face to match your Apple Watch PRODUCT(RED) and red Apple Watch band. Choose from seven free watch faces: Gradient, Numerals Mono, World Time, Metropolitan, Stripes, Color, and Typograph. This option applies only to Apple Watch Series 4 or later with WatchOS 9 and iPhone with iOS 16.


How to install free (RED) Apple Watch faces:


  1. On your iPhone, go to the Apple PRODUCT(RED) page.
  2. Scroll down to the Apple Watch faces section, and tap on the Add Apple Watch Face button below your selected watch face design.
  3. Click on Allow in the pop-up menu that appears when you add your desired watch face.
  4. Go to your Apple Watch App and select Add to My Faces.
  5. Change your Apple Watch face using the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.





Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones PRODUCT(RED) Citrus Red Apple Audio Device




Aside from red iPhone variants, you may also check red iPhone cases, red watch bands, and all other accessories included in the PRODUCT(RED) label.


There’s More to the Color Red


People love red for a lot of reasons. But knowing how buying Apple products in this color can actually help save millions of lives and, yes, change the world—that’s pretty amazing! So, the next time you shop for devices and accessories, remember that somewhere on the face of the earth, a life is saved because of your color of choice.


Exercise your power to make the world better when you visit Power Mac Center in-store and online. Choose from all the available PRODUCT(RED) offerings and spread the love in our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok).

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