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Why You Need an Apple Authorized Service Provider To Fix Your Devices

It’s easy to surf the internet or drive around the city to find repair and maintenance shops for your damaged or faulty Apple devices. The hard part? Finding one that provides honest and quality service, but relatively inexpensive.

The general rule of thumb: do not just settle for any unauthorized Apple repair shop. You might think this is just another article telling you to DYR or "do your research.” Although it is good counsel, with Apple device repair and maintenance, research alone won't cut it. You have to go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

Reasons why you should avoid just any repair shops

Unauthorized Apple repair shops are any independent third-party outlets that offer Apple repair services but are in no way affiliated with or permitted by Apple to do so. They may or may not have the official know-how in device repairs, so it is a gamble.

Being cautious about these things is understandable because it will either improve or further deteriorate the performance of your device. You’ve also invested a good amount of money on it so it only makes sense entrusting it to authorized service providers.


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So why should you avoid unauthorized third-party or independent Apple repair shops?

1. You risk getting counterfeit components.

Counterfeit battery replacements and processors may overheat or cause fire or injuries. Processors may also overheat. They are not reliable, not durable, and can threaten your safety.


2. Your Data and Privacy may be at risk.

There's nothing more alarming than your confidential documents, sensitive files, and personal information making the rounds on social media platforms or getting into the hands of the wrong people. Without a proven commitment to confidentiality, some may sell, leak, or inappropriately use your data. In the end, it may cause you significant losses and mental stress more than your damaged device.

3. Poor Service and Low-Quality Repair.

The low-quality LED screen repair on your iPad or the ineffective software fixes for your MacBook can cost you more money in the long run. The technicians aren’t Apple-trained professionals, so there’s a high chance of an inconvenient repeat work.


Apple Certified Support Professional


4. They are not Apple-certified.

They don't have the proper tools and quality training that Apple provides for its professional technicians. Sensitive components like lithium-ion batteries need careful handling. Without the knowledge and expertise of a trained technician, damaged batteries may overheat and cause fire or injury. Misdiagnosis can also happen, leading to incorrect fixes because the technicians lack the proper training and limited resources. Your device may get more damaged than it already is.

5. You risk voiding your Apple Product Warranty.

If professional technicians from Apple find that the tamper indicators from your device are removed or damaged from previous fixing by third-party service providers, they may void your warranty.

Advantages of Bringing Your Apple Devices to an Authorized Service Provider

1. They use genuine Apple device components and parts.

Apple gives its authorized service providers access to genuine Apple parts and accessories. Mobile Care, for one, gets genuine parts directly from Apple headquarters in Singapore. With authorized service providers, your device is replaced with premium Apple parts to ensure better performance that matches the first-time feeling of using your gadgets.


Apple Authorized Service Provider

2. Quality Repair and Maintenance Service.

You'll find no better premium care than with service providers trained by the device maker itself. From handling to fixing your devices, professional technicians have the knowledge and skills to help you with your problem.

3. Your Data and Privacy are a priority.

Professional technicians are not allowed to access your data unless it is part of calibrating and testing during the repair. Even then, without your permission, they can't do it and would leave the testing part to you. They are also not allowed to back up and transfer your data unless you allow them to do so when your device is up for replacement.

4. Trained Apple experts delivering Apple-certified repairs.

AASP technicians become certified by completing modules from Apple's Learning Management System. Aside from this, Apple audits AASPs and ensures that repair tools, training, diagnostics, and service guides are on par with Apple standards.

5. Provides a faster solution to your device problem.

Because AASPs' professional technicians are trained and certified by Apple, they can easily identify the problems of your device. Knowing the ins and outs of the devices, they can diagnose and troubleshoot problems faster. Hence, a quick turnaround time.

iPhone Warranty Coverage

6. Warranty Perks.

Upon purchase of your device, you are entitled to a standard limited warranty (in-warranty) where your device can be replaced or repaired for free provided that it's a manufacturing problem and not accidental damage. The same benefit also applies to AppleCare's extended warranty. For out-of-warranty devices, you will need to pay for repair.

7. Reliable Customer Support.

AASPs provide great aftersales and premium device care. With the knowledge, tools, and training, AASP engineers and support can give you the same quality service that you can get from Authorized resellers and Apple Store.

8. Avoid repetitive payment and costly service.

Because unauthorized third-party service providers are riskier in mishandling and misdiagnosis, you may need to go back for repeat work on your device. AASPs are more secure, and with genuine components, informed diagnosis, and overall better quality of service, you'll only have to pay a single time for repair.

9. Replaced or used parts are refurbished or recycled.

Apple devices are made with renewable earth elements and recycled packaging and parts to help the environment. But the effort to lessen environmental impact doesn't stop there. When you bring your damaged or faulty devices to Apple Authorized Service Centers, you give your device and its parts a chance to be refurbished and recycled. Thus, allowing you to help the environment too. Programs like Power Mac Center's UpTrade (Trade-in) help you do just that, letting you have your old phone replaced with a newer one of equal value.


Power Mac Center UpTrade Program

Mobile Care: Power Mac Center's Official Service Arm

Mobile Care by Power Mac Center is an Apple Authorized Service Provider bringing repair and maintenance services for Apple device users. It is currently the largest Apple service provider in the Philippines, with 14 physical locations delivering quality services to any Apple users all over the country.

Mobile Care Store Apple Authorized Service Provider

Repair Services offered by Mobile Care:

Carry-in Repair

You may bring or "carry" your Apple devices needing repair or check-up to any of PMC's Service Centers (Mobile Care locations) and personally hand them over to Apple Certified Engineers and support professionals.

Ship and Fix

If you do not have the time or capacity to visit Mobile Care Service Centers, you may choose to have your Apple device for repair picked up at your doorstep or drop it off at any of the Mobile Care Service Centers within Metro Manila. Your device will be delivered to your preferred address once fixed.

Store Drop-off

You can drop off your Apple device for service and repair at select Power Mac Center stores. If you’re from a location where a Mobile Care Service Center isn’t available, the PMC store staff will help ship your device to one with minimal shipping cost.

Premium service:

• Mobile Care Premium Program

This is an exclusive subscription privilege for people who bought any new iPhone from any Power Mac Center or The Loop stores nationwide starting October 20, 2023. Some of the benefits that you will get from this program are:

- Unlimited free software fix fee
- Unlimited free diagnostic fee
- Unlimited free non-repair services fee
- One-time, one-way free shipping fee

Note that terms and conditions apply to this program.


Fix 'em Right!

Try Mobile Care by Power Mac Center.

Avoid any further inconvenience and get your Apple devices diagnosed and fixed right the first time. Bring your Apple devices to any Mobile Care Service Center for a genuine, secure, and premium service. You may visit the Mobile Care FAQs on our Web Store for price and other inquiries.

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