Trade-in or Selling? 5 Reasons Why Trading with UpTrade is Superior

Trade-in or Selling? 5 Reasons Why Trading with UpTrade is Superior

Trade-in is where consumers trade their old devices either for a new device or for cash. On average, consumers upgrade their phones every 3.6 years, so just imagine where all those old devices went.

 While selling it directly has its pros, we’ve compiled 5 reasons why going the trade-in route is the better choice for you.




One of the cons of selling directly is that you’ll have to do everything yourself. Post it online, advertise, find a buyer, negotiate with them, and prepare the package for delivery. Any after-sale problem that may arise, which mostly will be out of your control, will be your responsibility. With a trade-in, you just need to go to the nearest Power Mac Center or The Loop branch, or have it checked online, get a price quotation, and you’re all set!


Get Exclusive Promos


Trade-in programs sometimes have exclusive promos, in which you cannot only save time and energy but also money. CompAsia occasionally runs special trade-in promos through Power Mac Center like getting additional monetary trade-in value for certain models.


You’re Saving The Environment


When you opt for a trade-in, you’re not only getting all the benefits mentioned above, but you’re also helping the environment. When you sell directly, you no longer have control over what the new owner will do to your old device after they’re done with it. However, with trade-in, you can sleep well at night knowing that the program includes responsible recycling practices. Power Mac Center ensures that old devices you traded are disposed of or refurbished properly.


You Get Your Money’s Worth


While one can argue that selling directly does get you more cash, you have also to consider the time and effort you put into the whole process. You may have checked other listings of the same model to know the current secondary market prices, but are you sure you’re getting your money’s worth? In trade-in programs, you’re sure to get the best price quotation depending on the model and the condition of your device. When upgrading to a newer model, you can also use the offered price to reduce the amount — something you could achieve immediately with the help of our Mac Experts.




iPhone security Power Mac Center


 No matter how careful you are, some slip-ups can happen with how fast-paced Filipinos’ lifestyle has become. You may have forgotten to delete important data and information after you sold your old device, which can be dangerous. With UpTrade, you’re sure that all data will be wiped before disposing of or recycling your old device. Nothing is better than a peace of mind.




Uptrade logo Power Mac Center


 UpTrade is Power Mac Center’s own trade-in program. Here is a step-by-step guide for a more seamless experience:




  1. Visit a Power Mac Center or The Loop branch near you.
  2. Download the SmartExchange app.
  3. Seek assistance from our Mac Experts or check the store tokens on the tabletop displays.
  4. Follow the diagnostic steps.
  5. Once done, reach out to one of our Mac Experts to get your final quotation.
  6. The final trade-in value can be used to purchase any product at the store.


Whichever you choose, there are guidelines to be followed. You can check all the details on the Power Mac Center’s UpTrade page.


Depending on the type of device you’re trading in, you can get special promos exclusive to UpTrade.


Make sure you’re first to know of our latest promos by following Power Mac Center’s official Facebook page and bookmarking the UpTrade promo page.

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