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The Valentine's Gift That Never Fails: The Apple Lineup

The Valentine's Gift That Never Fails: The Apple Lineup

There are two facts in life: Change is constant, and nobody is ever disappointed after receiving an Apple product as a gift.


Whether you know your significant other well or you’re still wondering what to give them this Valentine’s Day, going with Apple and its wide selection of products is always a safe option.

Besides the mandatory bouquet, take a look at our list of gift ideas this Valentine’s Day and make your loved one happier.

iPhone 15


Of course, this is the first on the list. What would make someone happier than receiving Apple’s newest and most powerful iPhone to date? iPhone 15 has upgraded specs compared to its predecessor and its base model now includes the Dynamic Island, a feature that was exclusive to Pro models before.

If you opt for the more powerful Pro, your significant other will love the newly added Action Button. You can read a more detailed specification with its price starting at just 47,990 and a flexible payment plan for as low as 2,187.08/mo at Power Mac Center. Worth it for that sweet smile.

Apple Watch Series 9


apple watch series 9


With 2024 now upon us, a lot of people have renewed their New Year’s resolutions to stay healthier this year. Whether or not your significant other is one of them, giving them an Apple Watch is never a bad idea.

While one of its best features is tracking important data while working out and keeping active, it’s also capable of doing other things, like tracking sleep, steps, heart rate or even listening to music, so it doesn’t matter if they rarely hit the gym.

It’s also awesome on its own even though your significant other does not have the iPhone (although having one is a game changer), because of its independent features.

All in all, you’ll never go wrong with it. Price starts at 24,990.

Beats Studio Buds


Beats is part of the Apple line up, and it’s included here because of its flexibility. Your significant other may not be an Apple user yet (or at least not the whole ecosystem), and that may be the reason why you’re reading this Apple gift idea. That’s where Beats Studio Buds comes in.

It’s compatible with a lot of different brands, so it doesn’t matter what they’re using. The quality is undeniably superb compared to its peers, with its bass still being punchy, as fans have come to know. It also includes ear tips in three different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting their ears. Let your significant other feel the music and the magic it brings. It starts at 8,190.

iPhone FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe


person holding a finewoven wallet iphone case

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This one’s practicality combined with style. With phones now basically a necessity, they won’t ever forget their important IDs and cards, as they can now put them all together. It’s made with quality and durable micro-twill and has a soft feel. It also comes in different colors to suit their fashion.

It also looks perfect when taking mirror selfies.

The price starts at 3,990 and comes with installment options.





On the other hand, if your significant other is already an Apple user, they will surely appreciate the AirTag. This little one will surely change their life with its use. For only 1,890, it keeps track of keys, wallets, luggage, backpacks, and even pets! All in the Find My app.

It has a built-in speaker to help you track things and a simple one-tap design that instantly connects to your devices. This is especially important when it comes to traveling, as you don’t want to lose things unexpectedly.

More Affordable Options


If you’re slightly tight in the budget department but still want to give them something Apple, then here are more affordable options for you to consider.

iPhone 12


back of an iphone 12


The iPhone 12 is when Apple first started using Ceramic Shield for the screen protector, so you can be sure this one’s durable. The latest accessories, like MagSafe, are also compatible with it. Not to mention, it also has the Super Retina XDR Display, which is a huge upgrade in terms of experience.

It is a good introduction to the Apple ecosystem, especially if it is going to be the first-ever iPhone your significant other will have.

The price starts at 31,990 or an installment plan of 1,499.58/mo for 24 months. 

iPhone 11


the back of a black iphone 11


If you still want a more affordable option, then the iPhone 11 is the best and cheapest one you can get. Don’t underestimate this model, though, as it still has the quality and power of an iPhone. It has also been supported in updates and security until now, so it is still good to get.

The price starts at only 23,990 or an installment plan of 1,166.25/mo for 24 months. Imagine getting an iPhone for that price! Add in flowers and a dinner date, and you’re good to go.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether your significant other is already into Apple or not; once they receive any of the above items or any Apple product, they will surely appreciate the thought of it. Make their Valentine’s Day extra special and create that moment.

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