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How To Capture The Best Moments For The Perfect Father’s Day Greeting

How To Capture The Best Moments For The Perfect Father’s Day Greeting

There is something about candid photos that makes them unusual; not in a negative way, but capturing something genuine and unexpected just makes them extra special in its own way.

One can find beauty in capturing random moments of strangers, places, or events, what more of those you love. This Father’s Day, why don’t you try combining your heartfelt message with a candid photo of your Dad?

First, you have to make sure you’re prepared to take the ideal moment of your Dad. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s groundbreaking camera, it is possible now more than ever to take it at a moment’s notice. Here are a list of things you need to set on your camera settings to make it better:




Camera Capture


The difference between High Efficiency and Most Compatible is the file size. High Efficiency uses HEIF/HEVC format while Most Compatible uses JPEG. In order to get more outstanding images, you need to set your camera setting to High Efficiency. Father’s Day is just once a year, and you wouldn’t want to settle for less. While the file size can overwhelm your iPhone capacity quickly, you can just delete or transfer unwanted images especially since the purpose is to take candid shots, thus it is inevitable that you’ll take a lot of not-so-good ones.


Camera Settings Formats

Photo Capture


Activate ProRAW and be amazed how it will change the overall quality of the images you capture. Not only does it improve every aspect of it, like the background lights, the dark areas, the details and pixels when zoomed, but it also adds flexibility and white balance that greatly helps in editing. You can check out this comparison video of Portrait Mode and ProRAW.



iPhone Camera Feature: Photo Capture



Turn on Grid under Composition so you’ll have a guide every time you take images. This is especially useful when you’re taking candid shots. The gridlines will help you align your subjects and everything in the background under the rule of thirds. This will help your images be more consistent and appealing.


Different Modes


You can further control the result of the moment you want to capture by experimenting with different modes. Since this is a candid shot, you have to at least try all the modes and you already have an idea what’s best to use at the moment. Some of these modes are Night mode, Panorama, or Time-Lapse.


Basic Tips For Candid Shots




When it comes to taking images, the exposure is what makes or breaks a good one from a bad one. The key here is to keep on practicing. You can adjust the overall exposure on an image by clicking on the subject, then adjusting it up and down. You can also manually adjust the exposure by clicking on the arrow at the middle top then clicking the plus minus sign. It will take time to master exposure, but once you do, you’ll have a very valuable skill that’s not just for Father’s Day.


Rule Of Thirds


The general rule of thumb when using a grid is to keep your subject at the left or right of an image. Those gridlines make this easier because you’ll have a guide which usually is the lower left and lower right intersection. Shooting at lower angle instead of eye level can also make a big difference. Try both and keep on practicing.


iPhone camera feature rule of thirds


There are still a lot of tips and tricks in iPhone 15 Pro Max’s camera, but these basics are a good starting point. Now, you can prepare in advance for events like birthdays, graduations, or any milestone to take advantage of where your Dad will be there. Make sure to capture him smiling or doing something special like hugging your Mom.

Check out more Camera specifications of iPhone 15 Pro Max and other Pro Max models at Power Mac Center and see which one fits your Father’s Day needs.


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