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Don’t Skip Dad’s Day: 5 Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day

This one's for you, Dad!


Buying gifts for mom can be a bit tricky, but we’re sure you’ll agree that picking gifts for dad is an unmatched kind of difficulty. Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are sure you are still struggling with what to get him. We know this, he basically claims to want nothing when asked.


So we made it easier for you and have rounded up the best tech gifts that he will surely use and appreciate. Side note, all of these practical finds come with flexible payment terms for you!


So whether you’re looking for a gift for your all-around dad, your hardworking father who deserves a break, or your dad on the go who loves adventures, we have just the right gift idea for you!


For the all-around Dad


power mac center apple watch series 9


All-around dads deserve all-around gifts! Present and active in all respects of work, house, and fatherly duties, surely your multifaceted dad is an incredibly dependable person. On his special day, what he needs is an equally reliable device that he can count on whenever he performs his tasks.


Introducing the Apple Watch Series 9. Doesn't matter what you all-around Dad is doing, where he is, or if he's just relaxing. All important notifications are just one wrist away from now on. It has all Apple's latest technology on Apple Watches and is compatible whatever his lifestyle is.


For the hard working Dad



Dads are like superheroes who we can always count on to protect the family. On his special day, why not return the favor even with just a simple gesture? Give him the essential accessories so his day-to-day devices are protected, too. With a strong focus on his work, a perfectly functioning charging cord, and an undamaged iPhone case are not at the top of his priority list. Nothing screams thoughtfulness more than recognizing the little things and understanding his needs.


As our Dads get older, posture has become more important than ever. To be fair, it is also important for you as well, so the Foldable Stand Laptop Desk is pretty much a good buy because everyone can use it. For your hard working Dad, he'll really appreciate how flexible it is.


For the Dad-on-the-go



Still confused about what to get your gym buff dad? If he doesn’t skip leg day, then you definitely shouldn’t skip dad’s day. If your Dad is always on-the-go, the Sony Truly Wireless Earphones will make his days easier and more fun! He can easily answer calls, listen to his favorite classics, and be always there in case of emergencies. 


It has easy button operations, quality sounds, and it's pocket sized; the very definition of on-the-go. It is also cheap and on sale at Power Mac Center so you better get it in advance for Father's Day.


For the getting-older Dad


power mac center airtag


Your Dad may be nearing his retirement and has had his best days. He’s been a good man and you want to show your appreciation for taking care of you all these years. Oldies getting more forgettable about little things is quite normal, and giving them an AirTag will really help them navigate their everyday life.


Especially if technology has somehow caught up with their age, with how fast-paced everything is. The AirTag will be helpful in keeping track of important things like car keys, wallet, IDs and even the cat who keeps on going on their daily adventures.

For the what-does-he-want-I-have-no-idea Dad


power mac center apple tv



A lot of Dads are guilty of this. Once you ask them what they want for Father’s Day, they'll tell you that they really don’t want anything. There is some kind of truthfulness to that, especially Dads who are not that materialistic and are content with just having a happy and loving family.


It is kind of ironic that these types of Dads are actually much easier to give to because they’ll appreciate whatever you give them. Consider buying him an Apple TV 4K. He’ll appreciate that he can watch awesome TV shows and his favorite classics in his free time after a hard day's work.

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