5 Best iPad Creativity Apps for Artists and Creatives

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Best iPad Apps for Artists and Creatives to Skill up and Boost Productivity

If you've been using an iPad for some time, chances are you already know how powerful it is as a design device. With formidable features integrated into portable hardware, an iPad can bring your creativity to new heights. If you haven't tried using one, it's not too late to start now!


Introducing the new iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2


Apple just released its newest iPad models brimming with better-than-ever capabilities that designers, artists, and hobbyists will love. The iPad Pro M4 and redesigned iPad Air M2, supercharged by new M4 and M2 silicon chips, are jam-packed with game-changing features.


iPad Pro M4


The new iPad Pro M4


The iPad Pro M4 boasts new AI capabilities, stunning Pro cameras, and phenomenal precision and color accuracy thanks to its breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display. With the support of the M4 chip, its dynamic engines can handle your graphics-heavy editing all day long.


Its new Apple Pencil hover will help you see where the strokes appear on the screen as you edit. Most importantly, it's powerfully thin. In fact, it's the thinnest Apple product ever, giving you the freedom to edit on the go!


iPad Air M2


Redesigned iPad Air M2


On the other hand, the redesigned iPad Air M2 comes in two sizes: an 11-inch and a new 13-inch. You have the option to choose the display that works for you. Speaking of display, it features an enhanced Liquid Retina display that ensures color accuracy in different light conditions.


The M2 chip supports AI-enhanced software and incredible performance. You can now have better-quality video conferences thanks to an improved front camera. Lastly, you can multitask all you want with the capabilities of the iPadOS.

Coupled with amazing apps for editing and creating, your iPad can help you reach new levels in no time!


Graphic Design Apps for iPad


We've gathered some of the best design and productivity apps for iPad to help you achieve your creativity goals. There are apps below that perfectly suit your needs, whether you want to:


  • overcome a creative block
  • sharpen your skills
  • learn a new tool
  • begin your artistic journey



Procreate for iPad

Procreate is probably the coolest drawing app out there. It has an extensive collection of over 200 handcrafted brushes that you can customize for your specific drawing needs. With this, it offers a personalized drawing experience on iPadOS. It has features that are helpful for both beginners and pros, staying true to its goal that art is for everyone.

Other features:


  • Brush Studio allows you to customize and create your unique brushes. You can even sell the unique brush you created in the Procreate community!
  • ColorDrop lets you instantly fill an area with color and drag and drop hues from a comprehensive color palette
  • QuickShape perfects any geometrical shape you add to your design in real-time
  • Animation Assist helps you add movement to your character design with instant playback. You can create animatics, loops, and gifs perfect for social media reels.
  • Gesture Controls make an intuitive user interface for touch-based inputs. Certain hand combinations and movements can elicit commands, like pinching to zoom or touching with two fingers to undo.
  • Apple Pencil integration makes for precise control to simulate a natural drawing experience

Ibis Paint X


Ibis Paint X for iPad

Whether you're into digital drawing for a while or want to shift from traditional painting to digital, Ibis Paint X has the flexibility you need in a drawing app. It has a brush library with a vast collection of over 15,000 brushes and thousands of templates you can use as backgrounds to enhance your digital artwork. Ideal for those who want to delve into the world of character design, it has all the essentials for creating manga-like illustrations and digital comics.

Other features:


  • Screen Tones allow you to add balance and background to your work by adding shading and texture. Ibis paint has 40 varieties that you can paint conveniently over your work.
  • Rulers help you with the perspective arrangement and linework effects that add movement to your design
  • Frame Divider Tool lets you set easy-to-use frame layouts and adjust them with one finger.
  • Liquify Pen is accessible through the Special Tool. It lets you adjust and liquify strokes to fit your drawing style.
  • AI Disturbance Filter protects your illustrations from AI imitation by applying noise in the image.
  • Text Input Tool provides a selection of fonts and is capable of vertical writing needed for manga-style art and comics.



Sketchbook for iPad

Another app to get your creative juices flowing is Sketchbook. It has an intuitive UI designed with removable tools and palettes to make the drawing experience natural and unconfined for users. The iPad Pro's ProMotion technology complements its streamlined interface. Plus, it offers a seamless Apple Pencil integration.

Other features:


  • Customizable brushes are stored in an organized brush library. It comes in various styles. You can adjust the size, opacity, and pressure to create exactly your ideas.
  • Advanced Layer Management helps organize the elements as you work and provides blending and transparency options for more complicated sketches and illustrations.
  • Perspective Guides are great tools for sketching accurate 3D perspectives. Other rulers and guides are also available for precision drawing.
  • Predictive Strokes automatically correct the lines as you sketch for precision.
  • Import Options allows you to transfer your artwork from a sketchpad directly to the Sketchbook canvas to use as part of the artwork. This way, you don't have to redo your drawings when you transfer to digital.
  • FlipBook Animation supports frame-by-frame animations and simple GIF creation.

Astropad Studio


Astropad for iPad

Astropad Studio, unlike the rest featured in this article, isn't technically a drawing app. Yet, it's something valuable for professionals. It converts your iPad into a high-powered graphics tablet for Mac. Using this software, you can mirror your favorite creative tools from your Mac and work on them directly on your iPad.

Created by former Apple engineers, it offers a smooth drawing experience with sharp and detailed visuals. You can get the flexibility and precision of using an Apple Pencil. Additionally, you can customize your iPad to become a digital art studio and set Quick Keys, Magic Gestures, and sidebar shortcuts for desktop apps.

Affinity Designer 2 for iPad


Affinity Designer 2 for iPad

Artists, illustrators, and designers will find the Affinity Designer 2 one of their most versatile graphic design tools. It's a vector graphics software featuring a highly responsive interface and powerful performance to handle unlimited layers, effects, and elements. It gives you ultimate creative freedom by allowing you to combine vector and raster graphics in workspaces.

Other features:


  • Touch-focused UI is tailored to give an immersive experience to the user.
  • Professional Vector Tools such as Pen and Node Tool lets you control vector paths and nodes with precision. On the other hand, you can combine Boolean Operations with shapes.
  • Raster and Vector integration allows you to switch between vector and raster workspaces or combine them in one workspace.
  • Advanced Typographic Settings for OpenType or OTF files are accessible and supported. It helps you create detailed typography work.
  • Dynamic Brush Engine features vector and raster brushes that you can customize to achieve different artistic effects. The app also lets you create your brush styles.
  • Snapping Options simplifies aligning objects in place. You can also customize grids and guides for an accurate layout.
  • Apple Pencil Integration gives way to precise and intuitive drawing. The app supports double-tap functionality, tilt, and pressure sensitivity.


New iPad models in a lineup

Get Into Your Creative Flow!

They say, "The devil hides in the details." Yet, knowing which apps and creative tools work best with your iPad gives you the power to create even the most complicated masterpiece. Discover the best iPad creativity tools that will meet you where you are and take you to your highest creative potential. Learn your app compatibility with the new iPad models. Visit the Power Mac Center Webstore to know the iPad Pro M4 price and iPad Air M2 sizes and explore other Apple products that will scratch your creative itch!

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