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Apple Store Checklist: Identify Counterfeit Products

Apple became one of the biggest companies in the world due to the fact that it offers the best products to its consumers. From laptops, mobile phones, and smartwatches. And because of the huge patronage of this brand, counterfeits, and knock-offs surround it. These fake Apple products can trick anyone and you can be one of the victims. So, how sure are you that what you are holding right now is an original or a perfect counterfeit unless you bought it from an Official Apple Store in the Philippines? In this article, we will teach you how to easily spot the exact replicas of original Apple products.


Tip #1: Check iTunes


iTunes Music App 

Genuine IOS devices and iPad can be verified to be authentic by checking if they can connect to iTunes. If your Apple device is authentic, it should be able to download apps from iTunes and the app should run smoothly. If it does not, do not go into panic mode just yet. In some rare cases, iTunes and the IOS software are both not up to date so make sure to check it as well.


Tip #2: Verify its serial number


Checking of Serial Number in Apple Website


One thing that makes it easier for consumers to check the authenticity of their Apple products is their serial numbers which are unique to each model and can be verified in just a few clicks. It is important that you check whether the serial number on the box matches the serial number stated under Settings > General >About. Your device’s model, color, capacity, and expected expiration of the warranty should match what is declared in the box.


Another way of checking the serial number is to verify if it matches Apple’s database. You can go to the Apple website and then enter your Apple product serial number to authenticate your device. The system will either validate your request or you will see this kind of response “We’re sorry, but this serial number isn’t valid. Please check your information and try again.”. If you get the latter, then your Apple product is most likely fake.


Tip #3: Check the warranty


Checking Warranty


All Apple products including accessories are qualified for a warranty upon purchase. If you check on and you find that your device’s serial number does not match any record, then it is fake. However, if the warranty is expired or will be expired soon, then you have bought a used one.


Tip #4: Examine the hardware features


Unless you bought your Apple product from an official Apple store in the Philippines, it’s not easy to guarantee the authenticity of your Apple product. Why? ‘Cause most knockoffs these days are extremely similar to original Apple products at first glance. But some striking differences will give it away if you know where to look.






  • Check the card slot– Although the iPhone’s storage capacity is expandable, it can not be expanded conventionally. IOS devices do not have memory card slots so if the one you bought has an SD card slot, then it’s definitely a fake.
  • Touch the Apple logo-  Fake iPhones might be able to closely imitate the original ones but never the Apple logo perfectly. When the Apple logo moves or shows slight changes after being touched, then it is not an authentic one. Also, the logo should have a mirror finish but a little darker and less reflective.
  • Pay attention to the box-  The box gives away many clues that can help you determine whether or not your iPhone is fake. Take note of the consistency of the font, spacing, and letter size as well. One of the common differences that can be easily spotted on an iPhone box is its quality. Fake Apple products tend to have an obvious, low-quality box.






  • Take a look at the diffuser- If you will look closely at the upper area of your AirPods, inspect the upper part of your AirPods and check the hollow where the sound comes out (the sound diffuser). This part should be properly aligned with the circle beside it. Fake ones tend to get this part misaligned.
  • Analyze the bottom part of your AirPods-  Just like the upper part, the bottom part of an AirPods has a diffuser but the fakes have a big difference from the authentic ones found in the official Apple store in the Philippines. An authentic AirPod has a bigger and lighter-colored diffuser compared to a fake one. You can also notice that the “grill” of the diffuser of the fake ones is more etched deeper than an authentic one.
  • Examine the charging case- there are two easy-to-spot indications of fake or authentic Apple AirPods. Let’s start with the outer part, you can notice how the reset button is placed higher than it should be. Second, is the text that says “Designed by Apple in California/Assembled in China”. This text is lighter and smaller in the original AirPods while bigger and thicker font on the fake. Lastly, the hinge part of the case is noticeable to be too segmented and the mirror finish is too unlike the authentic one.


Apple Accessories



  • Like Apple Devices, Apple accessories can be proven to be authentic by just looking at their box. Authentic Apple Products have the “MFI” (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPad) logo on their boxes.
  • Apple chargers and connectors ALWAYS have the  “Designed by Apple in California” writing and at the end of it is the 12-digit serial number which you can verify online.
  • If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on spotting fake accessories, Apple has dedicated a support page to help identify counterfeit lightning connector accessories.


Apple watches




  • Check the dimensions– Apple watches are never bigger or smaller than the dimension indicated on their box. It’s always precise. And fake manufacturers can not keep up with it. Fake ones will always be thicker or bigger.
  • Inspect the back of the watch- All Apple watches have 4 round sensors at the back in a diamond pattern. If one of these sensors is missing or if they are patterned differently then it may be fake.
  • Again, check the box and the serial number.


Tip #5: Use the Siri Command



Siri is a unique feature of Apple devices. It can only be launched on an authentic Apple Device. The moment you bought your new Apple device and you start doubting its authenticity, try using Siri.


Tip #6: Bring it to an authorized reseller


Power Mac Center, Apple Store in the Philippines


If you’re still doubtful about the authenticity of your Apple Product, then it is best to bring it to an official Apple store in the Philippines. Legitimate Apple resellers have their own engineers and experts that can help you identify whether your Apple product is legit/authentic. Although they can identify the fake ones, there is nothing you can do once you have already purchased a clone. For Apple products, it is best to purchase from an Authorized Apple Reseller.

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