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7 Ways to Improve Your Photography Skills

Between that one to 5,000 shots of photos banked in the gallery of your iPhone 12 or any mobile device, you only post one picture to your social media accounts. Well, you are not alone! Capturing the best photo is not that easy – lots of factors like the right angle, lighting, right shutter speed, and ISO should be considered to capture the greatness of a moment. And that is the reason why we are sharing these seven ways to capture your best moments and awaken your inner photographer that will surely take your social media feed to the next level.


Find your niche.


Food Photography using an iPhone Device


There are lots of photography niches out there and the first step to awakening your inner photographer is to know what you want to photograph. It can be people, landscapes, places, or foods. Below are some photography niches you can choose from:


  1. Portrait Photography
  2. Still Life Photography
  3. Landscape Photography
  4. Food Photography
  5. Sports Photography
  6. Wildlife Photography
  7. Newborn Photography
  8. Architectural Photography
  9. Fashion Photography
  10. Event Photography


Check out the portfolios of other photographers.


After choosing your preferred niche, try looking at other photographers’ works. Well, it does not mean you need to copy them but instead, try to see things from their perspective and get some inspiration from their works. Try to look at how they execute each of their photos and try to squeeze in some ideas on how you will execute yours. Try also to check the camera and equipment they use. Photographers use DSLRs of different brands like Canon, Nikon, Fuji film, etc. Some use mobile phones as well, like the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max which is highly suggested by professional mobile photographers.


Study the basic elements that make up a photo.


DSLR Camera Settings


Learning the basics will be your strongest asset as you take the path to become a photographer in your chosen niche. Learn how to use the manual mode of your camera (even mobile phones have manual mode). Using the automatic mode forever will not take you anywhere, instead, try to learn how to combine the best settings for ISO with the right shutter speed and the right aperture settings will level up your photos.


Use a photo editor.


There are tons of downloadable photo editors out there (paid and free) that are applicable for desktop or mobile use. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editors amongst other software (paid software) and is compatible with different gadgets, may it be a laptop, iPad, or mobile phone such as the newly launched Apple iPhone 12 series in the Philippines. But, you can still use some free apps or software since you are still starting your photography journey. You can also use the built-in photo editor on Instagram with tons of free filters to choose from.


Attend a Photography class.


Product photography


Try attending some short photography courses where you can meet some experienced photographers who can help you widen your perspective on taking photos. Guidance from an experienced photographer can help you grow and also upgrade your skills. With this, you are not just learning new things, but there might also be a chance to meet people with the same hobbies that can fuel up your burning passion for photography.


Find a photography buddy.


Having someone with the same passion as you do can push you to your limit. Looking for a buddy can also help you with the execution of the photos you’re trying to achieve like establishing the shots, setting up the white balance, and helping with reflecting the lights for a better image result. Having a buddy can also help you pressure yourself to grow more because you will have some kind of healthy competition.


Now that you have these 7 photography startup tips, you can now go outside to capture moments and try some baby steps to become the best photographer you can be.

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