Pixelworx: Imagined Realities Live Demos #CreatedoniPad

Art is everywhere. It is in the streets, in the clothes that you wear, and the way we live. Art is part of our culture and history.

Art is, in many ways, the utopia for independent minds. It lets us create and share our imagined realities, the world that exists in our minds translated into something tangible. Art is a form of self-expression, reflecting a countless range of thoughts and emotions.

Now, almost everything can be done digitally through the use of various devices; this made it easier to make and share art. But, many artists are still looking for that personal touch in the otherwise overly computerized and symmetrical art world; and that is where Apple Pencil and iPad comes in. This powerful combination seamlessly combines the digital capabilities of computers but also giving that personal touch where artists can make art as if they were putting brush into canvas the traditional way. The iPad gives the best of both worlds to artists enabling them to create truly unique pieces with perfect shapes and colour compositions combined with raw brush strokes to create perfectly imperfect works in a very compact, portable, and convenient way.

Pixelworx: Imagined Realities is Power Mac Center’s three-part campaign about the art of illustration. First part is the Live Demo tour that took place at three of our branches in the metro. We had unique illustrators in the Philippine Art scene do artworks using iPads in front of an audience. First stop: Power Mac Center SM Megamall. 


Soleil Ignacio for Fashion Illustration

Soleil Ignacio is a graduate of Visual Communication and Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines. Even way before that – since she was a little girl, illustrating has been her passion. She got her inspiration from the cartoons and animations she sees in television and movies – particularly Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She makes illustrations while in class and during her free time. She then carried this hobby while growing up and now she does illustration and art as her career. She’s the one to kick off the whole demo tour highlighting the powerful tool that is the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro especially for artists like her. 

With our interview prior to the workshop, we asked about her past experiences and how she got her signature style; she then shared with us her art journey from the start. 

When she was just starting college, she thought she wanted to pursue Graphic Design more than illustration hence the program that she entered into. But, when she reached her 4th year as a student, she fell back in love with illustration.”Come up with your own style, your own signature..” Soliel says, “(because) it’s the one thing that will make you stand out. (…) It’s okay to go with the trends just don’t copy too much. (…) Your style is something you don’t need to force. Yun yung binabalik-balikan mo gawin.” Referring to her current style being heavily influenced by The Little Mermaid the character she has illustrated countless times. 

During her live demo, she also gave more advice and shared how she got into fashion illustration by starting to collaborate with her friend who works for a fashion magazine. From there, she got into art directing and graphic designing. After a while, she decided to relax for a while, in water where she feels at home in. While on her break as an artist, she got commissioned to work with Habitat UK, a European furniture brand. She willed herself to do illustrations again and from then, she was unstoppable. 

Thanks to her iPad, she can translate her vision into something beautiful and the best thing about illustrating using an iPad for her? You can just easily click “Undo” when you make a mistake unlike in the traditional way of illustrating. The device is also very portable. She looked so natural drawing with her iPad that you’d be surprised to know that she only started out using one a few months ago. She just borrowed one from her friend and the rest is history. 

Now she is able to sell her printed art, getting to collaborate with different fashion brands, and live her dream.


Allie Principe and Lando Cusi for Art & Architecture

The week after Soleil did her live demo, Allie and Lando did theirs at Power Mac Center Festival Mall Alabang. This artsy couple has been working together for 8 years now from their days in the University of the Philippines College of Architecture to today as partners in their soon to be launched design studio. 

From these years of experience they have developed a truly unique art style which blends the geometrical computer produced architectural designs and personal touches of life with their illustrations overlaid into them. This new art style is called “Post Digital Architecture Visualization” which is a recent movement in the art community. 

Allie and Lando’s designs influenced by this movement utilise the juxtaposition of modern architecture and retro looking colors and people, creating a truly unique scene that almost makes the characters look like time travellers from the 1900’s. 

Allie and Lando have been avid users of the Apple Pencil and iPad for illustrating for a few years now ever since they bought their first one while living in Tokyo, Japan. They lived there for 3 years, honing their craft and developing their art style and now, because of this mastery in using the powerful device, their Live Demo went on very smoothly as they expertly created a great piece for their excited audience. 

They believe that the iPad blurs the line between graphic design and illustration; and it makes their jobs easier because they can do their designs on the go. They shared that – sometimes, the part that takes the longest is just looking for good, copyright free, 3D architectural images to use, but now with the iPad, they can do everything and create everything by themselves.

The couple also shared an advice to those who work with other people – that as a constant pair of collaborators in almost all their projects, they have established that the best way to make their work easier is to make the roles of each other very clear from the get go. Deciding who will do a particular part according to the other’s strengths, weaknesses, and individual styles. They also shared that it is good to establish a mood per project so that all elements will be cohesive and will match what the client wants from start to finish.


Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan for Book Illustration

Last stop on our three-leg Live Demo tour – Power Mac Center Trinoma with Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan a.k.a. Ang INK. 

Jap Mikel and Ara Villena, are two of several members of this non-profit organization that promotes professionalization of art and illustration; “INK was born out of a felt need by the workshop participants to organize, in belief that a collective effort and organized interaction among colleagues is vital to the professionalization and development of the industry.” (Source: http://ang-ink.org/About-INK) They are a group of very diverse people of different backgrounds, art styles, skill level, and art medium but all of them are connected by their love for book illustration. INK also serves as a bridge that connects artists to clients and vice versa. Apart from that, they have annual exhibits for their members’ works, workshops, and trainings to other aspiring artists here in our country. 

On the live demo event, Jap and Ara did two individual artworks demonstrating different art styles and techniques. They are both very passionate about children/young-adult book illustration because of different reasons. For Jap, children’s book illustration makes him feel like a kid again, as if it’s his kid side doing the artworks, the side of him who loves cartoons, comics, and anime, a kid that sees a world full of magic and sense of wonder. For Ara, she is passionate about the story telling aspect of it, communicating ideas and concepts through her illustrations.

They are first time users of an Apple Pencil and iPad for illustrating but even with that short amount of time to learn, they were still able to produce great works which shows just how easy it is to use an iPad for art. 

And that concludes this 3-week long tour of live demos for iPad art. A number of lucky attendees got giveaways from our sponsors – Panzer Glass, Adam Elements, UAG, Moshi, and The Coop Idea. An extra lucky participant also received an iPad 6th Generation and Apple Pencil to help with their future art projects!

Now, onto the next part of Pixelworx: Imagined Realities, another three-legged tour – this time for comprehensive workshops to be given by many  more great artists from our emerging local art scene.


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