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Learn beyond the basics to meet globally recognized standards in your industry of choice while taking advantage of what a Mac can do for you, right here.
Our Training Center
The Power Mac Center Apple Authorized Training Center is the first to offer Professional Track Certification Training and Prometric Exams for IT and creative professionals in Mac OS X in the Philippines, from being an Apple Certified Associate up to the highest level of IT Certification as an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator.
Power Mac Center Training Center provides non-certification programs to groups and individuals who wish to learn or expand their knowledge on Mac OS X basic and pro applications, and quality training service and business solutions to customers and partners.
Five reasons to be Apple Certified
Raise your earning potential
Distinguish yourself from others in your industry
Increase your marketability
Advance more quickly in your career
Publicize your Apple Certifications
Five reasons to hire Apple Certified professionals
Proven and measurable level of competency
Stay current in your idustry and its best practices 
Increase credibility with business partners and clients looking for guaranteed skills
Employee satisfaction means less turnover
Knowledgeable employees reflect positively on you
Apple Certifications and Training Exams
The perfect place to go for your Apple-related training needs. Deepen your knowledge and facilitate implementation of the Mac OS X operating system and select professional applications.
1on1 Tutorial
Expand your knowledge not only on the Mac OS X but also other pro applications.
Apple Professional Development
Apple offers hands-on workshops tailored for your institution’s specific needs. These workshops are designed to help you use your Apple products to enhance teaching and learning.
(02) 553 2766, (02) 553 4211
(02) 553 9655 or (02) 553 6399
(0916) 358 6056 (For Tutorials)
(0908) 885 6277 (For Certifications)
(0917) 622 0395 (For Cebu)
1on1 Tutorials:
Apple Certification and Training Exams or iOS Training / Mac OS X / OS X Server / Troubleshooting / Multimedia & Photography: