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Take Your Power Back With Apple Watch Series 8

Woman, you matter!

The latest Apple Watch Series 8 has a lot in store to let you be in control of your health–even more! Compared to the previous model, it boasts upgrades from familiar features and highlights new ones that are especially relevant to women’s reproductive health.

Apple rolled out three newest generations of smartwatches during its keynote event last September. Among them are Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), and Apple Watch Ultra. Each latest model provides new offerings for enthusiasts, switchers, and beginners alike. But the striking thing about the upgrades in Apple Watches is that, in Series 8 and Ultra, women's health has finally taken the spotlight.


Protect your vigor with the Body Temperature Sensor.


Apple Watch Series 8 Temperature Sensing App data connected on to an iPhone

Apple Watch Series 8 has two new sensors for its brand-new feature—Temperature Sensing. The pair of sensors, one just under the display and another on the back crystal near the skin, records your temperature every five seconds as you sleep. Placed strategically, each sensor isolates the body from the outside environment to accurately sample your body's temperature. It measures temperature changes as small as 0.1° C.

So, why does it actually matter?

Tracking your temperature helps you know if you have a fever, but it has another significance. Advanced algorithms in Series 8 pass the data collected by its Temperature Sensors to the previously-introduced Cycle Tracking feature in Apple Watches. Once digested by Cycle Tracking, data returns to you in terms of insights about the normal processes in your body, like your menstrual cycle and ovulation period.


Temperature Sensing and menstrual cycle

Every woman knows that a menstrual pattern is vital in understanding their reproductive health. After all, a delayed or unpredictable period may mean something life-altering, like a serious illness or pregnancy. Cycle Tracking on the Health App lets you log menstrual information and predicts fertility and period windows. It helps prepare for any related symptoms, and can be a reference when you need to see a gynecologist or other reproductive health professionals. With Temperature Sensing, the predictive report in the Cycle Tracking app shows you:

  1. Your next menstrual period
  2. Your cycle deviations


    Cycle deviation as shown on Apple Watch Series 8


    Temperature Sensing and ovulation period

    Together with Cycle Tracking, Temperature Sensing provides information about your next ovulation period. It is paramount information for two specific reproductive concerns:

    1. It helps with conceiving and family planning.
    2. It helps with the natural method of contraception—or what is most commonly known as the Basal Body Temperature method.

      Prioritize your well-being with Sleep Tracking.

      If you've used an Apple Watch before, Sleep Tracking was one of its oldest and most insightful features. But would you believe that it can still get better? In Series 8, with the support of WatchOS 9, it's definitely even more helpful because now, it gives an in-depth report of your sleep stages.

      As we sleep, our body goes through the process called the Sleep Cycle. This process is part of our “internal biological clock” where patterns of brain waves occur as we sleep and is composed of sleep stages. Apple Watch Series 8 utilizes the heart rate monitor and accelerometer to monitor three specific sleep stages—REM, Core, and Deep Sleep.


      • REM

      REM (Rapid Eye Movement) happens an hour to an hour and a half after falling asleep, where the eyes move around rapidly in all directions without sending visual signals to the brain.


      • Core

      Core sleep is a very essential non-REM (NREM) sleep stage where your brain slows down with its activities.


      • Deep Sleep

      Deep sleep builds and repairs your tissues, muscles, and bones and helps you feel refreshed in the morning.

      Sleep Tracking records the time and percentage you spend in each sleep stage. It's a helpful update because knowing your sleep cycle well gives insights about your sleep patterns and possible sleep conditions like insomnia and the now prevalent Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This additional Sleep Tracking data may serve as your sign to visit a medical professional.

      Get advanced metrics for activities you handpicked.


      Apple Watch Series 8 advanced metrics

      "Health is wealth," as they always say. That's why the newest generation of Apple Watch showcases an enhanced Workout app with new metrics. With WatchOS 9, you can get more precise data from new in-session workout views like:


      • Elevation
      • Splits
      • Segments

      You can also train in new ways and enjoy new workout experiences with:


      • Heart Rate Zones
      • Custom workouts
      • Pacer

      If you are a runner or still planning your first run, this is the sign to start working on your goals. The new-gen Apple Watch features new metrics that you can add and customize to Workout Views:


      • Stride Length
      • Ground Contact Time
      • Vertical Oscillation

      Ensure protection with Crash Detection.

      Apple Watch just became even more multifaceted with the introduction of a new safety feature—Crash Detection. It's a new addition to the Fall Detection safety feature of Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE (1st gen) and Watch models down to Series 4.

      No one wishes for anything bad to happen to their loved ones. But the presence of the Crash Detection feature gives us an assurance that if a car accident indeed happens, there will be immediate help sent to them. You and emergency services will quickly be notified and your loved ones won’t be left helpless on the scene for long. Series 8 has an enhanced accelerometer and gyroscope that detects front, side, and rear-end car collisions. When the Series 8 Watch detects a severe car crash, it automatically calls emergency services for you within 20 seconds. If you did not cancel the call, it will send your location coordinates to emergency services with an approximate search radius. This way, you and anyone with you in the car will be helped in time in case an untoward incident happens.

      Information is empowering!

      You can always be who you want to be, but it will only be possible when your health and safety becomes a priority. After all, without a robust body and a sound mind, we can't perform to the best of our abilities. Be informed about your health. That's how you take your power back.

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