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5 iPhone 14 Pro Max Features to Manage Your Tasks Better

In this fast-paced digital era, it’s so easy to lose focus with so many things going on in our gadgets. With our digital lives bombarding us with tons of information on a daily basis, it surely gets overwhelming at times. Our consistently decreasing attention span doesn't help either. In an era when everything seems to be within reach—digitally, getting challenged in terms of productivity sounds pretty ironic, right?

Thankfully, we can now conveniently manage almost everything with just our mobile phones. Apple just recently launched the latest addition to its iPhone product line—the iPhone 14 series. One of its variants is the iPhone 14 Pro Max which may be the key to solving your modern-day productivity woes.


1. Dynamic Island


Dynamic Island Interactive Display on iPhone 14 Pro Max


With the latest Pro Max generation, your notifications, alerts, and other activities appear in one interactive place. Dynamic Island is an intuitive notch that appears on the area of the redesigned TrueDepth Camera. This shape-shifting hub displays alerts and background apps and moves fluidly to get your attention. If you play a song, you'll see its album cover on display. If you set a timer, a tap on display will bring you to your Clock app. Or, you can see how it expands as you watch your favorite sports team hit a goal. It effectively gets your attention to remind you about active apps, incoming alerts, and important reminders that you may otherwise forget.


2. Always-On Display


A first for the iPhone product line, the Always-On display allows the Lock Screen to be even more helpful. It employs improved technologies to dim the Lock Screen while showing you useful information like Live Activities, time, and widgets. By accessing multiple coprocessors in the A16 Bionic chip, the display refreshes using minimal power and can operate with a refresh rate as low as 1Hz. Refresh rate measures the number of times the display refreshes per second. A 1Hz refresh rate means the display refreshes once every second, consuming less power and saving on battery life. It conveniently caters to your needs at a glance while remaining power-efficient.


Always-On Display with iOS 16 Lock Screen on iPhone 14 Pro Max Display


The new iPhone 14 Pro Max takes intelligence to a new level. It learns your activity patterns and turns your display on or off accordingly. Examples of this are:

  • when you haven't used your iPhone for a while
  • when the paired Apple Watch is near your iPhone, the Always-On display turns on while it shuts off as you move away


Here are the instances when the Always-On goes dark when not in use:

  • Setting an alarm or sleep schedule
  • Putting your iPhone in a pocket or bag
  • Your iPhone is lying facedown
  • Sleep Focus is on
  • Low Power mode is on
  • You're using Continuity Camera
  • Your iPhone is connected to CarPlay


How to enable and disable the Always-On Display

The Always-on Display is enabled by default on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. To turn it on and off:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Select Display & Brightness.
  • Click on Always-On Display and turn it on or off.

3. A16 Bionic Chip


 iPhone 14 Pro Max in Deep Purple Color


Speed and power have always been two of the iPhone's best qualities. With the new A16 Bionic in the latest Pro lineup, iPhone 14 Pro Max is currently the fastest and most powerful iPhone.

Performance-wise, you'll be able to multitask and switch between apps and programs seamlessly to accomplish your tasks. It has a new CPU consisting of two high-performance cores and four efficiency cores that are 40% faster than competition. Its Neural Engine can support nearly 17 trillion operations per second. Moreover, the accelerated 5-core GPU offers 50% more memory bandwidth which makes it easier and more enjoyable now to use graphics-heavy apps and games.

The best thing about the A16 chip is that it improves overall performance while saving energy. A16 allows your iPhone to handle everything while using 20% less power than its predecessor, the A15 chip.


4. Photonic Engine and Action Mode


iPhone 14 Pro Max Pro Camera System with News Sensors and Upgraded Features


Gone are the days when mobile cameras were just good for selfies. With digital content creation being a lucrative career today, one will need a smartphone that can match the demands of this work and lifestyle. Whether you need a video for TikTok or YouTube or a picture for Instagram, iPhone 14 Pro Max's Pro Camera system will save your day.

It has a 48MP Main camera and a new quad-pixel sensor that adapts and adjusts to the movements of the subject of the photo being taken. It also has sensor-shift image stabilization, and enables 2x Telephoto using the middle 12MP of the sensor. It has a new Photonic Engine that enhances the camera’s computational technology so you can capture detailed images even in low-light conditions. You get up to 2x improvement on the Telephoto camera, up to 3x on Ultra Wide, and up to 2x on TrueDepth. With this kind of mid-to-low light performance, it’s now easier to step up your mobile photography game.


Image of a man running on iPhone 14 Pro Max's Screen showcasing the new Action Mode feature


Also, you can now stop worrying about the need for additional tools like a gimbal when taking your videos. With Action Mode, you can now produce smooth-looking videos with gimbal-like stabilization. Your phone automatically adjusts to shakes, vibrations, and other movements without needing additional stabilizers. The quad-pixel sensors also play a vital role in producing 4k videos with no digital zoom. Plus, you can also experience improved Pro-level workflows for videos, including ProRes.


5. ProMotion Display


ProMotion takes your visual experience to the next level. It features a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which means the display refreshes 120 times per second resulting in more fluid and responsive gestures and animations. So, if you have Live Activities and other animations on display, it has more pleasing and smoother movements. With the latest Pro Max model, the refresh rate can go down to 1Hz. Aided by new power-efficient technologies and the Always-On display, you have the option to preserve your battery and use it in the most crucial times for the most crucial tasks.


Three iPhone 14 Pro Max showing different displays showcasing ProMotion


Maximize Performance with Pro Max!


Stay on top of your schedules, priorities, tasks, and basically everything with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Maximize the features that will easily help you solve your modern day-to-day problems and help you be your best self at and outside work.

Get more productivity tips from our Web Store blogs and discover more Apple devices and accessories that can help you become more efficient with tasks. Check our product offerings to see the iPhone 14 Pro Max price as well as other iPhone 14 colors, variants, and prices. If you purchase yours until February 28, 2023 you’ll even cop a P10,000 discount on a new iPhone 14 Pro Max! Share how our products helped you raise your productivity level on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), or tag us in your TikTok productivity content.

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