Mac OS X Courses


Course # of Hours Course Description
OS X Basic Course 8 (1 day) This course focuses on the basic of use of your Mac computer, covering the creation of user accounts, software installation and upgrade, ejecting media, saving files and other Mac essentials. Each lesson introduces you to a Mac OS X feature and gives you an overview on how to use it effectively.
Mac OS X Advance Course 16 (2 days) Know more about OS X and its built-in applications that we normally take for granted. Learn how to automate your daily task, even go as far as creating your own program without the need to learn any programming language and/or scripts. Get to know more apps that are already available for you and learn other solutions that might make your life or work easier.
Mac OS X Troubleshooting 8 (1 day) This course covers fundamental lessons on how to troubleshoot a Mac. Learn how to maximize the built-in utilities and configuration of your Mac.
Apple Networking Essentials 16 (2 days) Understand fundamental Apple network concepts, configuration and set up. Learn the capability to share information between computers across a network. Identify and resolve network connectivity issues.
Mobile Device Management: Profile Management 8 (1 day) This course is ideal for iOS deployment or managing several units of iPad for installing applications and user settings. This is highly recommended for IT administrators who want to be able to support their institution in the large volume usage of iOS devices.